Homes By Brian - Builder of Prestigious Homes in Northwest Indiana
Homes By Brian - Builder of Prestigious Homes in Northwest Indiana



In addition to our Standard Features, we also do whatever we can to assure excellence. We pride ourselves on building homes that meet and exceed our clients expectations. Below is a list of unique actions we take to achieve our goal.

Additional Features:
  • I personally stake out each and every house
  • I personally spend a large portion of time on "dig day" to assure that there are no soil condition concerns
  • We Hydro-Compact the Sand Base of our garages before we pour the Concrete Floor to help eliminate cracks from settlement over time
  • We use all Yellow Pine Floor Joists to eliminate bouncy floors (stronger than standard Spruce, Hem Fir, Douglas Fir, and even I-Joists)
  • We use top of the line Advantech subflooring on all of our homes that assures you the best subfloor available.
  • All of our subfloors are Glued, Nailed, and Screwed. Thats right, before any finish flooring is installed, we make sure all of the subflooring is additionally fastened with screws, NO SQUEEKS.
  • We spray Anit-Mold applications to the basement ceiling to help prevent or alleviate mold buildups
  • All interior walls are screwed to the floors. This helps prevent interior wall squeeks in the future
  • We use an advanced wall insulation known as NU-Wool for the best insulation and sound proofing available for the housing market
  • We know Drywall Repairs can be a problem. Thats why we take the extra time to preheat the house before the drywall stage to accelerate any shrinkage or warpage of wood that may occur and replace it before we drywall. This is a preventive measure to eliminate drywall repairs in the future
  • When applicable, we will replace Engineered wood beams with Steel beams for more strength and less drywall problems
  • All interior walls and trim finished by hand (No Spraying)
As you can see, we make every effort to build you the best home possible by using the best materials and methods available.
Homes By Brian - Builder of Prestigious Homes in Northwest Indiana